Chest anatomy


1, Trachea.

 2, Clavicle. 

3, 4th posterior rib. 

4, Right main bronchus.

5, Right breast shadow.

6, Gastric air bubble.

7, Left hemidiaphragm.

8, Left ventricle.

9, Descending aorta.

10, Left pulmonary artery.

11 Left upper lobe.

12, Left atrium.

13, Right ventricle.

14, Right pulmonary artery and right pulmonary veins.

15, Vertebral body (Thoracic spine).

16, Posterior costophrenic angle.

Structures seen on a posteroanterior (PA) chest x-ray. 1 = first rib; 2–10 = posterior aspect of ribs 2–10; AK = aortic knob; APW = aortopulmonary window, BS = breast shadow (labeled only on right); C = carina; CA = colonic air; CPA = costophrenic angle, DA = descending aorta; GA = gastric air; LHB = left heart border (Note: Most of the left heart border represents the left ventricle; the superior aspect of the left heart border represents the left atrial appendage.); LPA = left pulmonary artery; RC = right clavicle (left clavicle not labeled); RHB = right heart border (Note: The right heart border represents the right atrium.); RHD = right hemidiaphragm (left hemidiaphragm not labeled); RPA = right pulmonary artery; T = tracheal air column.

Structures seen on a lateral chest x-ray. A = aorta; CPA = posterior costophrenic angle; LHD = left hemidiaphragm; PHB = posterior heart border (Note: The posterior heart border represents the left atrium superiorly and left ventricle inferiorly; the anterior heart border is not clearly defined on this film but represents the right ventricle.); RA = retrosternal airspace; RHD = right hemidiaphragm; RMF = right major fissure (left major fissure and minor fissures not well visualized on these films but can occasionally be seen); S = scapula; T = tracheal air column.

~ by Dr. Serdar دکتر سردار on February 26, 2000.

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